Since 1970, S&W has been known for its high-quality manufacturing of complex injection moulded parts and assembly groups. Our products range from security-relevant parts for the leisure industry to parts for the automotive industry with its high quality requirements.

Our cooperativeness together with our multi-stage production process at short lead times and highest flexibility characterize the complete product life cycle of the manufactured parts.

The high quality standard is guaranteed by

  • The quality management process based on the DIN ISO/TS 16949 certification
  • A well-trained team
  • The use of latest technologies like CNC controlled injection moulding machine and parts-removal robots
  • And finally, by the use of high-quality raw materials from well-known manufacturers.

The production runs in a 3-shift operation mode on 365 days per year. With our own assembly- and finish department we complete our services portfolio.

During the complete process cycle we closely work together with the quality assurance and product management teams. This helps to meet the expectations of our customers and the objectives that we agreed with them. The process cycle includes all steps from

- the proposal to the assignment of the contract
- the design to the tool making
- the production to the product finish and logistics

As a result, our customers can rely on the high quality of the products and our delivery reliability.

It is a matter of course that we take care of educating our employees. We offer regular training courses for our experts that suit their needs.

Since years, S&W has been known for its high-quality manufacturing of complex injection moulded parts. Due to our high quality standards our customers have rated us as an A-level supplier.

Since more than 40 years, S&W stands for "HIGH QUALITY IN PLASTICS"

Actual Jobofferings:

S&W employs:
tool makers (in German: Werkzeugmacher)  
tool technicians (in German: Werkzeugmechaniker)

Apprenticeship as process technician for plastics & natural rubber (in German: ‚Verfahrensmechaniker für Kunststoff & Kautschuk’).
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