Foto Geschäftsführer S&W

Our objective as Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) is to offer a true added value to our customers by ensuring zero-defects quality ‚in time’ and ‚in budget’. By this we always want to be one step ahead of our competitors.

All this in accordance with our values:
Precision & Quality, Full Service, social  responsibility, Fair Play

Customer satisfaction is the top priority for us.

Thomas Kastlmeier (left) & Bernd Gattinger (right)


BERND GATTINGER (Managing Director, Project Management)

Bernd Gattinger

Area of responsibility:


Project Lead & Quality Assurance Automobile 

Academic Studies:
Mechanical Engineering (in German: ‘Maschinenbauwesen’), Industrial Engineering (postgraduate) (in German: ‘Aufbau-Wirtschaftingenieurwesen (FH)’)

eMail: info(at)
Phone: +49 8131 292690 


THOMAS KASTLMEIER (Managing Director, Project Management)

Thomas Kastlmeier

Area of responsibility:

Operation Manager

Project Lead White Goods, Leisure Industry, Electrical Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry

Academic Studies: Business Management
(in German: ‚Verwaltungswesen’)


eMail: info(at)
Phone: +49 8131 292690


ANDREAS ÜBLER (Project Management)

Andreas Übler

Area of responsibility:

Project Lead & Customer Care 
Sports & Leisure Industry
End-to-end project management 

New technologies and application ideas
 Project development support

eMail: info(at)
Phone: +49 8131 292690


Act Local, Think Global


Maria Vrasseniki
>> Disposition Truma and further S&W customers

Martin Graupeter 

>> Manager Logistics, Disposition Völkl, Marker and further S&W customers

Maria Reindl

>> Office management, procurement 

Doreen Kormann 

>> Disposition Bosch

Michael Stocker
(without picture) >> Disposition Webasto 

Eva Roth
(without picture) >> Controlling

Foto Team Organisation


Management: Erich Schaffhauser (Picture left)
stand-in: Bernd Gattinger I Thomas Kastlmeier

Foto Team Werkzeugbau

Quality Management

Management: Erhard Besemer (Second right)
stand-in: Bernd Gattinger I Roland Klenke 

Foto Team Qualitätswesen


Management: Erwin Thurner (Third right)
stand-in: Michael Greiner (top right )
Andreas Thierack (3rd top left)  
Markus Zollbrecht (4th top left)
David Buntfuss (5th top left)

Foto Team Spritzerei


Management: Agnes Saroglou
stand-in: Maria Hasoglou I Gudrun Tannek 

Team Veredelung


Management: Martin Graupeter
stand-inr: Thomas Kastlmeier 
Warehouseman: Werner Kuttenlochner (second right)

Foto Team Logistik


Continuity and innovation since 40 years

  • 1970 enterprise foundation in Hebertshausen near Munich by Günter Schröder and Gerhard Weißenbach
  • 1989 Bernd Gattinger and Thomas Kastlmeier join S&W
  • 1997 Bernd Gattinger and Thomas Kastlmeier become members of the board of executives
  • 1998 Opening of the second production hall in Hebertshausen
  • 1999 DIN EN ISO 9001 certification
  • 1999 bis 2001 Complete assembly of a binding in Budapest / Hungary with 21 employees
  • 2004 Bernd Gattinger and Thomas Kastlmeier acquire the majority of the capital and become the sole CEOs.
  • 2004 Introduction of the 2K-technology
  • 2005 First-time certification after TS16949
  • 2007 Introduction of the Inmould technology
  • 2009 Introduction of GID-Verfahren



Actual organisation overview of S&W GmbH (please click on the logo)

S&W Logo


S&W Responsibility

  • Close cooperation with workshop facilities for handicapped people
  • Financial support of the voluntary fire brigade of Hebertshausen
  • Sports sponsoring of the table tennis department of the sports club Waldtrudering
  • Sports sponsoring of the football department of the sports club Hebertshausen
  • Cooperation with the association for blind people
  • Support of the Dachau pidgeon club 73


Year of foundation: 
>> 1970

 >> 100

 >> 5

Truck fleet:

>> 2 trucks, 1 bus, 3 cars

Injection moulding: 

>> 46 moulding machines 

15to to 350to
closing force

>> weight of pieces: 

from 0,15g bis 800g 

Quantity of delivered pieces:

>> approx. 120 Mio.
pieces per year

Total revenue:

>> 2010: 15,3 Mio

>> 2011: 15.9 Mio